Some of the stupidest comments on Parliament?

Simon Heffer’s article in the Telegraph on 26 October is surely in the running for the Annual Prize for the Stupidest Things Written About Parliament.

He lamented the removal of most of the hereditary peers from the House of Lords, on the grounds that we used to have a House of Lords that was a ‘proper revising chamber’, which defeated the government ‘with alarming regularity’. And he observes that the House of Commons of 1995 ‘had yet to adopt that posture of slavishness and ineffectuality that now characterises it’.

To their credit, the Telegraph have at least published a letter from one of the revolts team observing that the facts point in exactly the opposite direction. They removed, however, the final line of the letter: “If I received an essay from a first year undergraduate that argued such a factually inaccurate case, I would advise them to read a book occasionally, and not simply to make things up”.