Knighthood for Cowley!

At least according to the letters page of The Telegraph. If only real life were so easy.

The argument – put forward in the letter – that the reason for the rise in defeats and rebellions in recent years is because of the rise in poorly drafted legislation is so parti pris that it’s not worth wasting much time on. To believe that legislation only started to be poorly drafted or badly conceived in 1997 you need to have a very short memory and a particularly biased set of partisan specs. Moreover, you can’t have it both ways. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that the supposed weakening of Parliament – the initial source of the argument – simply hasn’t occurred in recent years.

On a completely unrelated subject, The Rebels was cited by Paul Flynn in the Commons the other day, whilst discussing Clare Short’s Private Member’s Bill on War Powers. We’ll be doing a paper on the Short Bill anon.