Loyal, but not totally loyal

Jim Sheridan’s decision to resign as a PPS – the first government resignation as a result of the government’s Middle East policy – has seen him described as a normally ‘loyal’ MP. This piece, for example, from the BBC describes him as an MP who has ‘towed the party line throughout his five years as a Labour MP’. Apart from the fact that it’s ‘toe’ not ‘tow’, Sheridan’s not been absolutely loyal: in October 2003, he was among eleven Labour MPs opposed to the draft Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Modification) (No.2) Order, which reclassified cannabis as a class ‘C’ drug. And in May 2004, Sheridan was among nine Labour MPs to vote in favour of an amendment to the Scottish Parliament (Constituencies) Bill that would have removed the introduction of proportional representation in Scottish local government elections from the bill.

So loyal, but not totally loyal.

UPDATE: The BBC have since altered the article.