Parliament’s back…

…and a very good new Westminster insider blog is launched. The British Bullshit Foundation is a lot better than its name implies. Highlights so far include a fantastic critique of TV programmes based on Westminster, which includes the following:

You can imagine the meeting.

Producer: Well, this new drama which is going to lift the lid on the sexy world of Westminster. What’ve we got?
Jessica: Lots of researchers told us stories about the casework they do, how the general public are generally not interested in politics, and how frustrating it is to try to encourage people to participate when disillusionment abounds in the current era of partisan and class dealignment.
Producer: Bit boring innit? I know, lob in some hot sex and cocaine snorting. And lesbianism. Nothing like a couple of fillies in the buff for improving ratings, what! That’ll win over the iPod generation. Ah! Lunchtime.

They also give The Lamentable Mrs Pritchard the good kicking it deserves.