Is [Cabinet Member]…?

Blame Gaby Hinsliff.  She had the idea to repeat the ‘Why is [US State] so…’ Google autocomplete meme for members of the British cabinet.  But no one would have the time to waste to do that – unless of course they were on a long train journey early in the morning…

Alas, the same ‘why is’ meme doesn’t work quite so well with the British cabinet (too many null responses) , although the top response for Nick Clegg is ‘Why is Nick Clegg so sad?’.  So here, instead, are the top Google autocompletes for the more straightforward question: Is [Cabinet Minister]?

Some of the second and third most popular choices were more funny/interesting/libelous (a fair few ‘mad’,’evil’, ‘a psychopath’, etc etc).  But here, for what it’s worth are the top ones.  They reveal a curiously high level of concern amongst users of Google with the marital status of the Cabinet, along with one or two crackers. Especially good is Eric Pickles, which won’t be what you expect.

  1. David Cameron: Scottish?
  2. George Osborne: Married?
  3. Nick Clegg: Married?
  4. William Hague: Still Married?
  5. Vince Cable: a Doctor?
  6. Iain Duncan Smith: a Catholic?
  7. Danny Alexander: Married?
  8. Theresa May: Turning into Cara Delevingne?
  9. Michael Gove: Married?
  10. Eric Pickles: Related to Wilfred Pickles?
  11. Justine Greening: Married?
  12. Maria Miller: Homophobic?
  13. Theresa Villiers: Married?
  14. David Jones: Open Today? [not the same David Jones, obviously]
  15. Lord Hill: Is Lordhillsong? [Oh blessed lamb once slain/Will reign forever more/etc etc…]

Four Five cabinet members produced the response: ‘Who is…?’: Philip Hammond, Chris Grayling, Ed Davey, Patrick McLoughlin. [Plus Owen Paterson]

But that’s better than the two one who generated nowt: Owen Patterson, Alistair Carmichael.

UPDATE: Several people have pointed out that it’s Owen Paterson, not Patterson. We’re fairly sure we searched correctly, but just typed it up wrongly.  But as of today (29 Jan), searching with the correct spelling puts him into the Who Is? category, so we’ve amended it.