Is [Shadow Cabinet Member]…?

Oh, alright. Here’s the Google autocompletes for the Shadow Cabinet as well.  These mostly show the same fascination with the marital status of our politicians, although there are also one or two somewhat funny ones.

  1. Ed Miliband: Rich?
  2. Harriet Harman: Married?
  3. Ed Balls: An Idiot?
  4. Yvette Cooper: Married to Ed Balls?
  5. Sadiq Khan: Ahmadi? (explanation here)
  6. Rosie Winterton: Married?
  7. Andy Burnham: Married?
  8. Chuka Umunna Married?
  9. Rachel Reeves: Pregnant?
  10. Tristram Hunt: Married?
  11. Caroline Flint: Married?
  12. Angela Eagle: Married?
  13. Jim Murphy: Married?
  14. Maria Eagle: Married?
  15. Gloria De Piero: Married?

As with the full Cabinet, there were several who produced the response ‘Who Is X’?: Douglas Alexander (perhaps surprisingly), Ivan Lewis, Owen Smith, Mary Creagh, Vernon Coaker, and Hilary Benn. And a handful of nowts: Baroness Royal, Chris Leslie, Michael Dugher, and Jon Trickett.

No, we’ve not forgotten Margaret Curran. She generates: ‘What age Margaret Curran?’. Not sure if that’s better or worse than wanting to know if she’s married.