The first rebellious vote against a Labour government – 90 years ago today…

Thanks to the Labour History Group for reminding us, but today is the 90th anniversary of the first dissenting vote ever cast against a Labour government by one of its own backbenchers.

The MP was the Rev Herbert Dunnico,  MP for Durham Consett.  He walked into the Opposition division lobby on 21 February 1924 – when the first Labour Government’s first Parliamentary session was just nine days old.  The topic of his rebellion was the building of battleships.

There aren’t many MPs with Dunnico’s background left in the Commons — not least because we no longer send children down the mines at the age of 12.  There’s a good profile of him here, which includes the fact that a pair of ornamental gates are dedicated to his memory at an athletics ground in Ilford, Essex.

UPDATE: And here, also courtesy of the Labour History Group (and Google Street View) are the Sir Herbert Dunnico Memorial Gates.  What more can you want?