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Academic publications can cost a fortune to download. So when they are free, you need to tell people…

The following three pieces explore what voters want from their MPs, and all are currently all free-to-download. The first surveys voters to ask what demographic characteristics they want from their MPs — and what they think the composition of the Commons actually was. The next two use survey experiments to discover what characteristics prove popular with voters when choosing their own MP:

  1. Why not ask the audience? Understanding the public’s representational priorities (by Philip Cowley)
  2. Rich Man, Poor Man, Politician Man: Wealth Effects in a Candidate Biography Survey Experiment (by Rosie Campbell and Philip Cowley)
  3. What Voters Want: Reactions to Candidate Characteristics in a Survey Experiment (by Rosie Campbell and Philip Cowley)

One of these pieces is free-to-view permanently, the other two temporarily.  So get downloading.