Jeremy Thorpe, on local candidates, 1962

Thanks to Matthew Bailey for this: Jeremy Thorpe, speaking in 1962, speaking on behalf of the Liberal candidate in the Norfolk Central by-election – and extolling the virtues of local candidates:

Thorpe says:

a man who does live, and make his living, in this part of the world, and who understands this division, and who by no stretch of the imagination could say had come to it simply to get a return ticket to Westminster is the sort of man who would be a very very good representative for Norfolk.

Clip is viewable here. Note the use of the word ‘division’, hardly ever used these days to mean consistency.  Local or not, the Liberal candidate came third.

Thorpe, of course, was born in London, and educated in Surrey, Eton and Oxford – but represented a seat in Devon. It would be churlish to point out such inconsistency, though.