Praise for Revolts

Revolts is the first place I – and many journalists I respect – turn to for authoritative analysis, historical comparisons, and accurate predictions of parliamentary revolts and rebellions. This is academic political research doing exactly what it should do – helping to inform the political debate – and in real time not years after it matters – Nick Robinson, BBC Political Editor

The Revolts website is an invaluable aid to reporting the Commons. Revolts gives historical context, up-to-date predictions, quick vote analysis, all with the same reliability and elan. Nobody does it better! Where would we be without it? – Gary Gibbon, Channel 4 News

Revolts has become the invaluable one stop shop for analysis of parliamentary backbench turmoil. Phil Cowley’s site has become the first port of call for the politeratti whenever turbulance strikes – Mark D’Arcy, Today in Parliament, Radio 4

Philip Cowley’s work on backbench rebellions has become an indispensible reference point for anyone attempting an informed account of the Blair government’s parliamentary difficulties. The journalist who writes about these matters without consulting his research is not serious and is not worth reading – Martin Kettle, Guardian

Revolts has proved to be an invaluable resource for journalists and broadcasters. It not only provides accurate statistical information, but most importantly historical context. This kind of informed analysis does not exist anywhere else. Its availability to the media in turn ensures that the information is conveyed to the public, giving it a wider currency than usual for academic research – Shaun Ley, BBC Radio 4

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